We’re at it again: Earn Bitcoin while playing Rust

It’s been awhile but with a little not-so-free time and some new tech, we’re at it again but this time way better. Now you can play Rust and earn bitcoin all automagically. As an experiment, we’ve modded the server so that Easter eggs can be redeemed for sats (aka Bitcoin satoshis). Here’s how it works:

  1. Play the game and find bronze eggs through random drops or from a few randomly hidden loot boxes around the world
  2. Bring your eggs to a vending machine and redeem for in-game sats (seen as painted eggs hah)
  3. Create a Lightning invoice for the amount you wish to withdraw
  4. Submit the invoice via in-game command
  5. Wait literally a few seconds
  6. Profit!

Bitcoin Lightning payments require you to have a Lightning wallet. A few respectable wallets for a mobile device are mentioned here and here. You can also get one for your browser as a browser extension. Once you pick one, it should really only take less than 10 mins. No personal information required!

We’ve given you some free sats right when you join so you can help test payments too. So you have nothing to lose hah.

Join our Discord server for more details on in-game commands. Everything else in game is vanilla.

Please note this is an experiment with Lightning. There may be some hiccups. If this becomes popular, I’d like to figure out a way to make this sustainable. If you have ideas, please feel free to share them on Discord. With the number of Rust plugins already available, there is already a lot we can do. Professional virtual bounty hunter is one of them >:).

If you want to donate to the project to help keep the sats flowing, you can drop bitcoin at 13UH6HR2KLMRkzYBZQxz21HYdQ8Av35J4q or send LN payment to https://getalby.com/p/obsidianworlds. The more sats that come in, the more that will come out.

Looking for server admin again

Once again we’re looking for Rust server admins to join our admin team. If you have an idea on how to make a Rust server awesome, become an admin and you’ll get creative control to implement your idea. Or maybe you enjoy the server and want to contribute back. Either way, we need one more admin to help out. Email or Discord chat with us if you’re interested in joining the team.

Issues after server update – Fixed

We’re having some unknown issues with the server after the update. I’m trying to fix it but the fixes aren’t working. Gunna keep trying. Sorry for the interruption.

Update: Got it fixed about 12 hours later. The issue was a periodic LGSM monitoring script that caused the server to be restarted for some reason.

Bitcoin Treasure Hunt – Claimed!

Trying something fun! I’ve buried a message in the desert. I’ll give the first person to find the message 0.05 BTC (which is about $55 USD as of writing this). Just follow the instructions on the note.

If it works out well, we hope to make things more elaborate. If you have any suggestions on how to make the treasure hunt better, send us your ideas!

Never heard of bitcoin? It’s a digital currency that’s global and decentralized. You can buy Steam games with it. Or even Amazon and other gift cards.

Helicopter Rockets

People were asking about disabling helicopter rockets. Originally I thought I saw an option that let you disable only the rockets, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to actually find this option. Sorry for the confusion.

If the setting does in fact exist, please contact us or leave a comment with the option name and we’ll revisit this.

Started website

Added this site for Rust server updates, feedback and discussions. More to come hopefully.

If you like the server and want us to continue, please be sure to mention us on Reddit, Twitter, or where ever you can. Also, vote for us like on sites like this.