Bitcoin Treasure Hunt – Claimed!

Trying something fun! I’ve buried a message in the desert. I’ll give the first person to find the message 0.05 BTC (which is about $55 USD as of writing this). Just follow the instructions on the note.

If it works out well, we hope to make things more elaborate. If you have any suggestions on how to make the treasure hunt better, send us your ideas!

Never heard of bitcoin? It’s a digital currency that’s global and decentralized. You can buy Steam games with it. Or even Amazon and other gift cards.

2 thoughts on “Bitcoin Treasure Hunt – Claimed!”

  1. Hi Kanye West here, you guys might as well just not bother going after this.

    I got it under control.

    Also, imma just use the bitcoin to get like pizza and shit.

    1. Hah. Nice try. Atta murder the real winner for the note. Too bad there are time stamps on emails :).

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