Server update

We’ve finally got around to updating the WoW server. If you have any issues. Please report them to [email protected].

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User registration fixed

I finally got a chance to fix the user registration. I just made use of the Network Subsite User Registration plugin. There are other posts about making the modifications yourself but this worked and makes things simpler. There was also an issue with the WordPress mailer on Debian. Turns out WordPress uses a modified version of phpmailer that was interfering with Debian supplied (and required) package libphp-phpmailer. Here’s the fix:

*** class.phpmailer.php.orig    2018-12-01 14:09:47.000000000 +0000
--- class.phpmailer.php    2020-01-01 22:00:47.817057652 +0000
*** 1492,1497 ****
--- 1492,1498 ----
      public function getSMTPInstance()
          if (!is_object($this->smtp)) {
+             require_once( 'class.smtp...
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Site deployment automation

TL;DR: To support server deployment automation, the WordPress front end has been merged together with other OW sites. Unfortunately, this breaks user registration until the package maintainers fix it. I’ll have to look into a fix another day. I’m really busy these days. Existing accounts should work as usual. Please report anything else that’s broken.

Previously, the WoW site was a stand alone WordPress site served at its URL by the web server under the same domain. Now, it’s just another site that’s part of the Obsidian Worlds multi-site deployment. This required merging the stand-alone site and multi-site databases. I’m documenting the process here for prosperity since the bulk of my time was spent hunting down the information...

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Another long awaited server update

The server has been updated again. This update finally corrects the very annoying stuck disconnect bug. Let us know if there are any other issues. Please report issues to [email protected].

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Characters getting stuck/broken after disconnect

We’ve been experiencing issue with characters becoming stuck or broken after their client is unexpectedly disconnected from the game (e.g. from lost Internet connection). After the player is disconnected, their current character has empty bags and shows no experience on their experience bar. Nothing is actually lost but the character is unable to use previous items in their inventory.

It seems to be related to this bug:

The only known fix that seems to work is a server restart. Feel free to request a server restart if this happens to you. We also ask other players to please be patient with the restarts.

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Long Over Due Server Update

We’ve done a major update of the server. Please report issues to [email protected].

People have been reporting issues with characters getting stuck or losing equipment until the server is restarted. Hopefully, that’s all fixed now.

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A little site reorg

Some content was moved around to other systems to help with some future proofing. This shouldn’t affect in-game performance at all. If you do notice any problems (eg. broken links), please let us know.


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Weekly Server Update – January 6, 2017

Hey guys,

Sorry for the lack of an update in the last month or so, there were no pressing issues with the server (currently over 30 days of uptime) and holidays got in the way. Anyways, this is a fairly big update:

Major Changes:

  • Many percentages & formulas were adjusted to better reflect crit, dodge, parry and block.
  • Night Elves had double +1% dodge applied erroneously.
  • You are now unable to dodge, parry or block when feared, stunned, etc
  • Fixed auras that would cause you to be able to parry without weapons, block without shields, etc.
  • Fixed weirdness when dealing with negative chances for certain effects
  • Fixed some issues with magic resistances, particularly at low levels
  • Map generator had small fixes that should allow better Line of Sight calculations, allow you to jump over small fence...
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Video of the Month – January 2017

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Keep voting!

For those that aren’t, we ask that you please vote whenever you can. And for those that are, please keep voting. You only need to do it once every 12-24 hours or so. I know some have asked for the voting timers back. We’ll get to adding them but they’re not high on the priority list.

Anyway, we’re trying to bring more people to the server. An empty server serves no one :).

If you have ideas on how to bring more people to the server, feel free to leave a comment.

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