Weekly Server Update – January 6, 2017

Hey guys,

Sorry for the lack of an update in the last month or so, there were no pressing issues with the server (currently over 30 days of uptime) and holidays got in the way. Anyways, this is a fairly big update:

Major Changes:

  • Many percentages & formulas were adjusted to better reflect crit, dodge, parry and block.
  • Night Elves had double +1% dodge applied erroneously.
  • You are now unable to dodge, parry or block when feared, stunned, etc
  • Fixed auras that would cause you to be able to parry without weapons, block without shields, etc.
  • Fixed weirdness when dealing with negative chances for certain effects
  • Fixed some issues with magic resistances, particularly at low levels
  • Map generator had small fixes that should allow better Line of Sight calculations, allow you to jump over small fences, as well as de-aggroing but keeping you in combat.
  • Bunch of stability fixes (although seems like we don’t need them), particularly some crash-on-exit issues for the server that should allow for the server restarting to be more consistent.