Weekly Server Update – November 13 2016

Hello everyone,

With the new site comes a new weekly update to the server. While updates were happening to the server codebase before, it was never on a regular basis and there was never a list of what has changed. These updates will be posted on the weekend, listing all the changes made throughout the previous week.

Now, onto the changes for this week:

  • Database updates
    • Stratholme had a major rehaul, with much of the instance being redone, some completely from scratch.
    • Much of the NPC equipment was fixed/changed
    • Major fixes to the pet system
    • Many other minor fixes
  • Core updates
    • Fixed 2 major causes of crashing, so hopefully the server will be much more stable now. Unfortunately the Auction House Bot was one of the major causes of crashes, so it has been disabled for now.
    • Authentication bypass was fixed
    • Calculations for experience were changed to better reflect those of Classic
    • There should be no more damage from falling after stopping at the end of a flight path
    • Fix to talents that required a global talent reset.
    • Many other minor fixes

As you can see there is a fair amount that changed, but an even larger number of changes are not listed. With these updates becoming more regular we will be able to give a more detailed listing of what changes were made.

6 comments to Weekly Server Update – November 13 2016

  • Nanasgame  says:

    So sad about Auction Bot but thank you for your work allowing us to play Vanilla! Loving it!

  • Nanasgame  says:

    Okay so I am afraid that I have a bit of an issue with there being no Auction House. It really is an important part of the game and I would like to say that I would rather have “glitches” in the system and play with the Auction House Bot there than not have it. Please put it back or I may have to stop playing. Thank you.

    • Nanasgame  says:

      I am not enjoying playing without the Auction House. Part of what I enjoyed about playing the game is the professions. It is not only the fact that there is no opportunity to get better gear or make a little money selling items, but it is really about the fact that there is now no opportunity to find some of the the mats needed in order to make items and to level up in a profession! This is completely frustrating. Please bring the Auction House back on line. It is essential to the play of the game!!!!!!!

  • Nanasgame  says:

    Oh and one more thing, I do miss the format of the old website as well. This is very nice and modern, but it doesn’t speak of WOW to me and the other one did. Perhaps you could bring a bit of that back to it. I also miss seeing the list of who is playing. It gave me a sense of belonging to a community and that is important to me. I tend to play everyday and I hope you value this feedback. Thank you.

  • rayz0r  says:

    Thanks for the feedback. We’re working on these things. With the auction house crashing, it would take down the whole server. We decided it was better to disable for now. We hope to fix the auction house issue and will post an update when things are fixed.

    • Nanasgame  says:

      Oh wonderful news. Thanks for working on it all! Major undertaking I am sure, but I am very pleased to hear it!

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