Weekly Server Update – December 4 2016

Hello everyone,

First off I would like to apologize for the delay in getting this out, unfortunately I had some family issues arise and have had to deal with that and have been unable to push out any updates (even some ones that I had working). On a good note however, there have been some major headways to fix the major stability issue that we are seeing, and I am hopeful that we can significantly reduce the number of crashes in the next week or so. Now, onto the patch notes:

Major Changes

  • AHBot crashes fixed, AHBot is renabled now
  • Major fixes to network code to prevent crashes
  • Many minor fixes to Naxxramas
  • Pet revive/summon fixes
  • Mind Control should now work against players in PVP
  • Another authentication bypass issue resolved

There were many minor fixes (84 commits in total), mostly centering around stability due to the way the networking code is handled and crashes due to Mind Control like effects.