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Weekly Server Update – January 6, 2017

Hey guys,

Sorry for the lack of an update in the last month or so, there were no pressing issues with the server (currently over 30 days of uptime) and holidays got in the way. Anyways, this is a fairly big update:

Major Changes:

  • Many percentages & formulas were adjusted to better reflect crit, dodge, parry and block.
  • Night Elves had double +1% dodge applied erroneously.
  • You are now unable to dodge, parry or block when feared, stunned, etc
  • Fixed auras that would cause you to be able to parry without weapons, block without shields, etc.
  • Fixed weirdness when dealing with negative chances for certain effects
  • Fixed some issues with magic resistances, particularly at low levels
  • Map generator had small fixes that should allow better Line of Sight calculations, allow you to jump over small fence...
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Video of the Month – January 2017

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Video of the Month – December 2016

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Weekly Server Update – December 4 2016

Hello everyone,

First off I would like to apologize for the delay in getting this out, unfortunately I had some family issues arise and have had to deal with that and have been unable to push out any updates (even some ones that I had working). On a good note however, there have been some major headways to fix the major stability issue that we are seeing, and I am hopeful that we can significantly reduce the number of crashes in the next week or so. Now, onto the patch notes:

Major Changes

  • AHBot crashes fixed, AHBot is renabled now
  • Major fixes to network code to prevent crashes
  • Many minor fixes to Naxxramas
  • Pet revive/summon fixes
  • Mind Control should now work against players in PVP
  • Another authentication bypass issue resolved

There were many minor fixes (84 commits in total), mostly cent...

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Weekly Server Update – November 13 2016

Hello everyone,

With the new site comes a new weekly update to the server. While updates were happening to the server codebase before, it was never on a regular basis and there was never a list of what has changed. These updates will be posted on the weekend, listing all the changes made throughout the previous week.

Now, onto the changes for this week:

  • Database updates
    • Stratholme had a major rehaul, with much of the instance being redone, some completely from scratch.
    • Much of the NPC equipment was fixed/changed
    • Major fixes to the pet system
    • Many other minor fixes
  • Core updates
    • Fixed 2 major causes of crashing, so hopefully the server will be much more stable now. Unfortunately the Auction House Bot was one of the major causes of crashes, so it has been disabled for now.
    • Authentication...
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New Website

Hello everyone,

As you can probably tell we got a new website up and running, and this one is much more functional than the last. Please check out the forums, and let us know what you think in the comments.

Also there has been a massive update to the server backend code that should bring about more stability, less bugs, but as a side affect has caused all talents to be reset. Please ensure that you reallocate your talent points!

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Video of the Month – November 2016

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